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Moment when you try to prank your friend when been asked for a picture in front of us. But instead, we take picture of ourselves using front cam. The faces, is Priceless.

Thanks @maizura_sh for this pic, never knew its in the WhatsApp lol. Igtkn buruk dah kene delete from your phone. Haha! Safe flight home daus. #fightfornikki #werenotfriendkama #scousechick #kirkstallabbey hahaha

#dinner spread tonight
How long you gonna stay? Berat dah weyyyyyy! #boulder #LeedsWall
From the first day I step on Leeds, I knew I’m gonna be awkward. But then, these awesome friends made me feels like im at home. We share stories, laugh, eat, hang out together like we already knew each other for long time. One thing I like the most is how easy it was to make friends either local or foreign without being judgemental to one another. And also it is my first time to see a couple who is very happy and very funny at the same time. Thanks again guys for bringin me to some event, places around Leeds and Liverpool! I’m gonna miss this place, the weather, the people, and of course those friends. Daus, Kama, Imran, Sean, Amin, Saddam, Haikal, Anis, its good to have you guys. See you guys again! (at National Express Coach Station- Leeds City Centre)
Boulder time! Jyeah!  (at The Leeds Wall)
Ustaz Don Daniyal in Leeds! He’s in green shirt! Thanks Leeds gang because inviting me to join the talk. Lot of new information gained today! 

Tag member2 pls. Haha. (at The Edge - University of Leeds)
From Leeds with love. Reunion of SMKS 19. What I hate about this place is, semak pun cantik, rumah berlumut pun cantik, and tonng sampah pun look nice. And I can wear working attire the whole day. Hahaha (at Kirkstall Abbey)

They never met @maizura_sh in school before, and then finnaly we met at Leeds. Who knows that the school reunion things could happened at this place. Thanks @faizkama and @mfirdausmn for being a great tour guide and good friend. And yes a place to stay obviously. “We started from the bottom now we’re here.” (at Kirkstall Abbey)

Deadliest winger and playmakers. SAC. #SterlingArepCoutinho thanks guys for having nasi lemak together. So you in training. We did have some jokes about kelab bawah2 table ni. You’ll never walk alone. #YNWA #misimencariarep #bukanramli
The kids at Liverpool! And yeah we cool together!  (at The Beatles Story)
Kadang2 muka kene matang sikit. Baru nampak garang and macho hahaha

Upside down! And circling around! @faizkama @maizura_sh (at Leeds Metropolitan University (LMU) Headingley Campus)

At times, we need to bring monopod like tongkat. Selfie time! Thanks #kakmai hahaha

Friday walk and yes we did explored new things and new story! (at Millennium Square)
It’s a satisfaction when you watch them eat what you cook. And to all mothers out there, you are strong, wake up early morning just to cook some breakfast. And to Emak, I will always love you and remember you. I know you up there watching over me. Can’t wait to meet you in heaven. Happy Mother’s Day.

P/S: abaikan yang background belakang tu. (at 18 Woodsley Green LS6 1SD)

This is one horny bitch. Tangan gua pun lu jadi mau lepas nafsu hahaha selekeh la kucing @mfirdausmn ni (at 18 Woodsley Green LS6 1SD)